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Upon playing the video game the player should make all efforts to catch a Pokmon of that type as quickly as possible. As soon as caught, the previous Pokmon of the celebration need to be ignored if they are not of that type. Pokmon that have yet to develop into that type (e.g., Nidoran in a Ground type Run or Caterpie in a Flying type Run) might be caught however need to be developed as soon as possible (pokemon uniqlo). They happen in the Unova region two years later on, and were released in Japan on June 23, 2012 and in The United States And Canada, Australia, and Europe in October of that year for Nintendo DS. They are rather various of their predecessors; there are different lead character trainers, and a lot of the other important characters have actually changed as well.

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The video games also broke the custom of releasing a 3rd version as the addition to the primary variations. Spin-off fifth generation video games include sequels and for Nintendo 3DS, for Wii, and for Wii U, a downloadable video game. Others include (a typing video game) and (a crossover video game) for Nintendo DS, and downloadable referral applications, Pokdex 3D Pro (for Nintendo 3DS), and Pokdex for iOS (for iOS devices), which permits players to view info of Pokmon species while they have 3D models.

for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and consisting of Reshiram and Zekrom, Klinklang, Axew, Druddigon, and more. On December 24, 2012, Japanese publication Nintendo Dream published a greetings card sent by Video game Freak - pokemon swirlix. In the card, Junichi Masuda exclaimed that throughout 2013, they intend to further progress the world of Pokmon.

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On January 4, 2013, both the Japanese and English Pokmon site verified that a statement would be made on January 8 - all pokemon professors. On January 7, 2013, the Japanese website explained that the Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata would hold a 10-minute "Pokmon Direct" video conference to reveal the huge Pokmon news. On January 8, 2013, Satoru Iwata revealed the sixth generation of Pokmon, with the brand-new paired video games, Pokmon X and Y, which were launched on the Nintendo 3DS on October 12, 2013 worldwide (pokemon tynamo).



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