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In Expedition, Pikachu can water wild Oddish and Gloom, causing them to progress into Gloom and Vileplume, respectively (snorunt evolution). Pokmon on a Video Game Kid or Video Game Boy Color game can evolve in Pokmon Arena or Pokmon Stadium 2 by satisfying the conditions needed for evolution, such as using an Evolution stone, trading a Pokmon, or using Uncommon Sweet to level up a Pokmon to the needed evolution, as in the main series.

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Nevertheless, products can not be used to evolve Pokmon in Pokmon Arena, as level up advancements are disregarded, and evolution stones are not visible in the product list when selecting a product to utilize on a Pokmon (minccino evolution). In Pokmon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, while development generally works as typical in the main series, Shadow Pokmon are incapable of progressing until they are purified and go back to regular.

Early in the game, the player can select among five Development items, each of which will trigger Eevee to develop into a various Pokmon. Amongst these products are the special Sun Shard and Moon Fragment, Key Items that permit Eevee to progress into Espeon or Umbreon, respectively, after it levels up with high relationship.

Pokmon that typically develop via high friendship in the primary series games, such as Golbat, rather evolve after reaching a particular link percentage, normally between 60 and 70 percent. swinub evolution. Pokmon that generally develop beginning at a particular level instead develop when a particular figure reaches a particular value. For example, Spheal evolves when its HP has reached a worth of 138, which is partially determined by the relate to its Warrior.

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In Pokmon Pinball and Pokmon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, as soon as the Evolution Mode or Evo Mode starts and the player selects a Pokmon to develop, then 3 circumstances of the very same Development Product appear someplace on the table, one at a time. The player is required to get the 3 duplicated Development Products before the time runs up in order to evolve the selected Pokmon.

Many readily available Pokmon progress by experience, which needs getting three "Ex" Advancement Items. If the Pokmon evolves by trade in the core series, then the player requires to get three Link Cable Advancement Products. Furthermore, the manual of Pokmon Pinball describes the act of updating a Pok Ball (for circumstances, changing a Fantastic Ball into an Ultra Ball) as "developing" the Ball.

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Development is normally carried out in a ritual kept in a number of areas throughout the Pokmon world. Pokmon who evolve through uncommon methods require an extra item to act as a driver. In Red Rescue Group and Blue Rescue Group, advancement is held in Luminous Cavern and will get rid of any additional experience points however will not minimize the level.

The gamer character and their partner may not evolve up until they finish an extra circumstance. In Pokmon Secret Dungeon (WiiWare) and Gates to Infinity, Pokmon can develop as quickly as they met the conditions. Due to the fact there is no unique place to set off evolution, evolution not based on items will take place similarly to core series, one attempt per level-up.

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In Super Mystery Dungeon, development is kept in Tree of Life, with all but level requirements being removed (with the player being provided option for split advancements) (nuzleaf evolution). The player and their partner progress into their final forms several times throughout the story. In addition, connectable Pokmon that exist as NPCs in this game and previous games will refuse advancement.

Certain enemies might evolve in particular conditions. In Pokmon Snap, the player can interact with Pokmon in specific manner ins which will make them progress. Zubat developing in Pokmon GO In Pokmon GO, the player can progress Pokmon by spending Sweet. The Sweet cost for development varies between Pokmon types, varying from 12 (to develop Caterpie into Metapod) to 400 (to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados or Meltan into Melmetal).

Candy can be acquired by catching or hatching Pokmon of that evolutionary family, or by walking with a Pokmon of that evolutionary family as a Friend Pokmon. The player can also acquire 1 Sweet for its evolutionary household either by evolving a Pokmon belonging to that evolutionary line permanently moving it to Teacher Willow.

For evolutions introduced in Generation II, the item needed is the exact same as in the core series; for advancements presented in Generation IV, a Sinnoh Stone is required instead, in addition to 100 Sweets; for Pokmon introduced in Generation V that develop by means of an Evolution stone, a Unova Stone is needed.



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