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Published Sep 04, 20
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Source: It may be noted that the 11 million Pokmon GO gamers is a distinctly low figure, determined against some of the 2018 MAU figures we see below. It is unclear whether these stats relate to a specific OS (there is variance in numerous of the figures reported, we may do well to keep in mind that they are not main figures). On the other hand, it is definitely possible that other markets have happened more prominent in terms of user numbers the game's domestic one.

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Do individuals still play Pokmon GO? Yes, but perhaps not so much in the US as elsewhere, it seems. What about the time in-between the early peak and the new smaller peak the relatively quieter year of 2017? Apptopia Pokmon GO stats revealed 60 million monthly active users in June 2017, 20% of which (so 12 million) were active daily.

We saw 500 million Pokmon GO downloads as early as September 2016, 650 million in Febraury 2017, and 750 million in July 2017. At a Pokmon Business interview in May 2018, it was revealed that Pokmon GO downloads amounted to 800 million. And finally, a Pokmon Company Singapore press factsheet shows that as of the end of March 2019, Pokmon GO downloads crossed the 1 billion threshold. In 2019, Pokmon GO was downloaded an overall of 55 million times. freeze dry pokemon.

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69% of these downloads were on Android (leaving out third-party downloads i.e. China), and 31% on iOS.However slow and constant the download rate might seem, Pokmon GO is still quite dominating the AR classification in this respect. Those asking, "Is Pokmon GO dead?" may do well to look at this classification.

Since December 2018, the Pokmon GO market share stands at 84%, if we utilize downloads as our step. This was not the case throughout the year we can see a substantial spike for Jurassic World Alive in May and June, which alongside other titles pushed Pokmon GO's market share to around the 50% mark (natu pokemon).

As we're taking a look at market share here, it's uncertain what the ramifications are for the total size of the marketplace; whether these titles are consuming into each other's market share, or simply significantly increasing the overall number of downloads of AR/location-based video games (swan pokemon). It would also be interesting to see the effect on the general games market.

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Source: Notwithstanding the variety of downloads, we are seeing development in the MAU. Niantic can take credit for this, having actually not rested on its laurels or accepted defeat by any ways. It has been presenting different upgrades with time. These include weather-based gameplay, objectives, and social functions (consisting of a much-coveted versus mode), along with simply adding more Pokmon to catch.

While we might not be viewing as numerous Pokmon GO downloads, and therefore brand-new gamers, the longevity of these longer-term players is serving to reinforce MAU numbers. There has actually been absolutely nothing before or given that states Recode, like the Pokmon GO stats we saw in those very first few weeks. The weekly peak downloads of 90.5 million is more than double Nintendo's Super Mario Run and not too away being 6 times the level of Facebook around this time.

We may note the peak of near 45 million day-to-day active users worldwide, reached around two weeks after launch (serperior pokemon). Following this, we see a sharp tail off, followed by a steadier decline. If we use that early peak as our yardstick, we may call this a terminal decrease (as we understand, however, it is not rather simple). Those taking a longer-term view might be slightly more realistic in their expectations: there does tend to be a degree of churn with free-to-play games, as noted in a piece in the BBC.

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In spite of that, the loss of 10 million players in the area of a month is, no doubt, an agonizing thing to experience. Not simply for Niantic; Nintendo's share rate fell by 3% as an effect, despite it not in fact being a Nintendo product something which at one point Nintendo was forced to remind financiers.

Source: It only got worse from there on in. The trend currently obvious in August held, and Pokmon GO use continued to tail off. In the US peak everyday gamer levels had reached 28.5 million in mid-July. By the end of December this had actually crashed down to 5 million. Again, in the interests of perspective, 5 million daily gamers still makes it one of the world's biggest in its category (see above).



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